About me

My childhood friends still joke that I remember every single song we ever sung and it’s true! Even from those pre-school days. There’s something about the sincerity, gentleness and charm of children’s music that I love.

So, when I had my own children it was inevitable that I would start taking them to baby singing classes. I had been working as a journalist, I had always had a yen for music and performing and had already thought about setting up my own music group when pregnant. So I started to get an idea of what I wanted my own sessions to be like when going to these groups.

That is why I don’t require booking ahead, there is no recorded music and I try and play songs which will hold the interest of grown ups and children alike.

After ten years of Al’s Little Singers and attending choral leading workshops I am proud of the group I have created. Alongside my baby groups I run singing assemblies for primary schools, as well as children’s birthday parties.

At my sessions you might hear songs from The Musicals like Let’s Go Fly A Kite! Bare Necessities and Doe A Deer; campfire classics like Comin’ Round The Mountain and Down by the Riverside and childhood favourites like Nellie The Elephant and Puff The Magic Dragon. You might even learn an African chant or Spanish song.

Come along with an open mind and leave your inhibtions at home!

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