It’s got soul!
Vicky, mum to Harrison and Elliot


I have two grandchildren, Anna, 5, and Lara, 3. For the past three years, I have been taking them in turn to Al’s Little Singers, and they both looked forward to the experience and benefited immensely from it. Al is highly musical, energetic, and she manages to engage the parents/grandparents very well along with the children. Her repertoire is wide and varied. There is a good balance of singing and musical appreciation, percussion and movement.
I don’t think you can beat Al’s for musical input for toddlers and preschool, anywhere else in North London.
Annie, grandma to Anna and Lara


I have been taking my daughter Cally (18 months) to Al’s Little Singers for the last 6 months or so, and we both love it. The nice location and decent coffee are a bonus, but the main attraction is Al and her guitar! She has a wide repertoire which doesn’t just extend to ‘Wheels on the Bus’, and Cally has a brilliant time chasing bubbles and playing musical instruments. The fact that it is drop-in is a huge bonus too. Recommended.
Andrea, mum to Cally


We really enjoy coming and it’s good to have songs parents want to sing too! A nice mix of singing, dancing and playing instruments.
Caroline, mum to Isla 


Al‘s Little Singers is really good fun. Both my 13 month old son and myself love it. She plays lots of lovely classics I remember from my childhood mixed with new songs. I love how each song is paired with an accessory – bubbles, ribbons, bells, shakers etc so everyone can get involved. It’s also great that Al plays the guitar.
Rebecca, mum to Noah


I definitely enjoy coming to Al‘s as much as my 9 month old daughter, Gali. It’s a great place to come for Gali and I to have a little dance, play some instruments, make a noise, pop some bubbles, and best of all, she gets to hear some great songs and I get to sing along!
Gemma, mum to Gali

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